Who Is Highest Vote In Bigg Boss?

Who has highest votes Bigg Boss 13?

Siddharth ShuklaBigg Boss 13 | Siddharth Shukla GETS HIGHEST Votes | NEW RECORD | Asim No..

How do I vote for 50 votes in Bigg Boss?

Bigg Boss Google Voting / Vote Process You can see the list of nominated housemates on the resulting page. click your contestant to save from eviction and choose number of votes to poll. To verify the vote, click Submit. Using the gmail account, 50 votes can be voted on each public day.

Who will be the winner of Bigg Boss 3 Tamil?

Mugen RaoBigg Boss Tamil season 3 winner is fan-favourite Mugen Rao even as Sandy Master emerged as the first runner-up. The show hosted by Kamal Haasan ended in a grand finale after 105-day run. The winner of Bigg Boss Tamil season 3 is Mugen Rao.

Who will the winner of Bigg Boss 13?

Sidharth ShuklaBigg Boss – Season 13/Winners

Which season of Bigg Boss has highest TRP?

Bigg Boss 5Bigg Boss 5 had the best launch trp. Bigg Boss 5 has the ratings of 4.30, which is highest in all the bigg boss seasons to date. No other season has the trp of above 4. As the launch episode had all-time high ratings, the finale episode failed to perform as well as the launch episode.

Who is Favourite Bigg Boss 13?

Bigg Boss 13 winner is Sidharth Shukla, says HT poll; Asim Riaz is second favourite.

Who is the king of Bigg Boss 13?

Siddharth Shukla took home the Bigg Boss 13 trophy. New Delhi: After Sidharth Shukla took home the Bigg Boss 13 trophy, fans on Twitter have been tweeting about his rival contestant on the show Asim Riaz.

Where can I vote for Bigg Boss?

Bigg Boss Season 14 Voting: Through VOOT AppDownload the Voot app in your phone.Sign in through your Google or Facebook account.Search for Bigg Boss 14, “Vote Now”. … Choose your favourite contestant and click the submit button.Your vote has been submitted.

How can I vote in Bigg Boss?

Here is how you can vote online for Bigg Boss 13 through Voot.comStep 1: Open your browser and visit www.voot.com.Step 2: Login by entering your login id and password. ( … Step 3: After a successful login you can select the Bigg Boss 13 option from the menu and click on Vote Now.More items…•