Where Is Hikvision NVR Serial Number?

How do I reset my NVR admin password?

Method: Simply input the local IP address of your NVR, then click “Reset”.

The reset will take more than 20 seconds to complete, then you need to manually reboot the NVR.

The username and password will reset to default (user: admin; password: blank/empty)..

What is NVR password?

It’s common to use passwords to protect NVR systems. NVR softwares, IP cameras, stand-alone NVRs usually comes with a default username and password. There’re only a handful of combinations, i.e., admin/1234, root/pass…,so it can be easily guessed.

It is legal and within the board’s discretion to place conspicuously-mounted, fake “dummy” cameras in common areas to deter would-be criminals or vandals. However, if the board chooses to do so, it should be careful and take certain steps to limit the association’s liability.

How do I access my NVR remotely?

To view your NVR on a viewing software, video management software or mobile apps remotely, one of the simplest approaches is to connect the NVR to the internet and view footage remotely via account login or via UID, a unique a unique ID number registered and integrated at the developer level, such as Reolink NVRs.

How do I get Hikvision NVR online?

Go to your DVR/NVR menu and choose configuration>Network and you’ll need to enable ‘Platform Access’. With Platform Access enabled you should see a QR code on the screen which you can scan with your smartphone app to add the device.

How do you add another device to HIK connect?

Open a Web browser and go to www.hik-connect.com and login. Select My Shared Devices. Select Share Device. Enter the e-mail address of the hik-connect account to share with, select the device to share and select Share.

Where do I find my NVR serial number?

If the serial number or model number cannot be found on the bottom of the DVR / NVR, you may be able to access them on the recorder’s System Information screen. If searching for a camera model number or serial number, look for a sticker attached to bottom or side of the camera.

How can you tell fake hikvision?

In order to find out exactly what camera you have, you’ll need to inspect the camera’s serial number and barcode. If the last 4 letters denote ‘CCWR’, then congratulations- you’re safe. If you see ‘CCCH’ you have Chinese camera’s that are not firmware upgradable.

How do I access my Hikvision camera remotely?

Go the following menu location: Configuration –> Network –> Platform Access. PRODUCTS: HIKVISION DEVICES TOPICS COVERED IN THIS KBA: How to enable Hik-Connect remote access on HIK devices (NVR/DVR/Camera). c. Select the Enable tick box at the top of the page.

What is the default IP address for Hikvision cameras?

Note: The network camera is set with the factory default IP address of “192.0. 0.64”, the port of “8000”, the super user name of “admin” and the password of “12345”.

Why is my iVMS 4500 not working?

A few times the “connection failed” on Hikvision iVMS-4500 app is caused by using an old version of the app. Make sure that you have the latest version of the app on your iPhone or Android phone.

Why do security cameras have red lights?

Those red lights are for night vision. It allows a camera to see in low light or dark conditions. And those are turned off at day time. So a camera with infrared capabilities can also be called a night vision camera.

What is the Hikvision NVR default password?

12345Other ProductsBrandUser NamePasswordGeoVisionadminadminGrandstreamadminadminGVIAdmin1234HIKVisionadmin1234526 more rows

Is HikVision a good brand?

Established in 2001 and now one of the largest suppliers of surveillance equipment world wide, Hikvision is a proven brand you can trust for high quality CCTV products. Hikvision is certainly the most innovative and best choice when it comes to home security surveillance systems.