Where Did Laura Coates Go To School?

How much does Laura Coates make?

Laura Coates Salary Laura’s annual salary is approximately $84,000..

How old is Laura Coats?

40 years (July 11, 1980)Laura Coates/Age

Where was Laura Coates born?

Twin Cities, Minnesota, United StatesLaura Coates/Place of birth

How tall is Laura Coates?

5 ft 2 inchesFacts of Laura CoatesAge:UnknownBirth Place:St. Paul, MinnesotaProfession:AnalystHeight:5 ft 2 inches or (157cm)Net Worth:N/A8 more rows•May 26, 2018

How old is Laura on CNN?

40 years (July 11, 1980)Laura Coates/Age

Is Laura Coates a lawyer?

Coates now works as a CNN senior legal analyst and has a daily radio show on SiriusXM. As she is not currently a practicing lawyer, she placed herself on inactive status with the Office of Lawyer Registration at the Minnesota Supreme Court.

What nationality is Laura Coates?

AmericanLaura Coates/Nationality