Quick Answer: Who Is The New Host On The Weekend Today Show?

What is sheinelle Jones doing now?

Sheinelle Jones lives in New York with her three kids and husband, Uche.

Since the TODAY show films in New York, it makes sense that’s where her home is.

But viewers noticed that when Sheinelle came back on air after her surgery, she was broadcasting from South Carolina..

What happened to Shanell on the Today show?

Sheinelle Jones recently had surgery for a polyp on her vocal cords. She will be out from the Today show for more than a month. The procedure that Jones underwent is rather common, but involves a particularly challenging recovery period.

What is the latest news on Matt Lauer?

NEW YORK – Former NBC news anchor Matt Lauer is breaking two and a half years of silence about the sexual assault allegations that got him fired from the Today Show. He posted a 4,800-word column online, saying he was falsely accused of rape by journalist Ronan Farrow in his book “Catch and Kill.”

What is Craig Melvin salary?

$3 million per yearCraig Melvin Today Show salary: Craig Melvin’s salary as of December 2018 is $3 million per year.

Why is Chanel from the Today show in South Carolina?

Sheinelle went down south to recover from her vocal cord surgery. After shelter-in-place orders were set in place, she and the rest of her family decided to stay put in South Carolina to ride out the rest of quarantine.

Is sheinelle Jones leaving the Weekend Today show?

Sheinelle Jones steps back from Weekend TODAY, will remain on 3rd Hour. After five years as a co-anchor, Sheinelle Jones bids adieu to Weekend TODAY. As many viewers have noticed, Sheinelle has been pulling double duty, working six days a week as both co-anchor of Weekend TODAY and a co-host of the 3rd hour of TODAY.

Is Shanell on Today Show pregnant?

As far as we know, Sheinelle Jones is not pregnant. And if she is, she has not announced it publicly yet. Unfortunately for Sheinelle, relentless fans likely just assumed she was pregnant after watching her on the morning show.

Who is taking over for sheinelle Jones?

Kristen WelkerNBC News White House correspondent Kristen Welker will co-host Weekend Today along with Peter Alexander. She will succeed Sheinelle Jones, who announced last month that she will step away from the …

Who Got Fired From Today Show Australia?

Karl StefanovicKarl Stefanovic, the long-running co-host of Channel Nine’s Today show, will leave the program effective immediately, the network has said.

Is sheinelle Jones sick?

Sheinelle Jones announced on TODAY Thursday that she will be undergoing vocal cord surgery and will be out several weeks to take care of her voice. The 3rd hour of TODAY co-host has a lesion on one of her vocal cords that can make it difficult to talk and causes her voice to sound hoarse.

Who is the new Today Show Weekend anchor?

Kristen WelkerKristen Welker named new co-anchor of Weekend TODAY NBC News White House correspondent Kristen Welker is joining the team as co-anchor of Weekend TODAY. The news comes on the heels of co-anchor Sheinelle Jones’ announcement that she will be stepping away from the show to spend more time with her family.

Who is hosting weekend today 2020?

HostsPresenterRoleTenureRichard WilkinsCo-host2020–presentRebecca MaddernCo-host2020–presentJayne AzzopardiNews & Sport2016–presentLauren PhillipsWeather2020–present

Is Karl coming back to Today show?

Karl Stefanovic will return to co-hosting Channel Nine’s the Today program in 2020 after he was unceremoniously axed last year. Stefanovic will co-host with Weekend Today host and 60 Minutes reporter Alli Langdon. Georgie Gardner will leave the show while Deborah Knight will be co-host on Monday morning.

Who is pregnant on the Today show?

TODAY’s Dylan Dreyer Welcomes a Baby Boy. Today show meteorologist Dylan Dreyer and her husband, Brian Finchera, welcomed their second child today. Earlier this year, Dreyer opened up about past difficulties getting pregnant following a miscarriage.

How old is Shanell on the Today show?

42 years (April 19, 1978)Sheinelle Jones/Age

Who just had a baby on the Today show?

Dylan DreyerDylan Dreyer gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! The meteorologist and 3rd hour of TODAY co-host and her husband, Brian Fichera, welcomed Oliver George Fichera to the world on Thursday morning.

Who are the current hosts of the Today show?

AboutSavannah Guthrie, co-anchor of TODAY and NBC News chief legal correspondent.Hoda Kotb, co-anchor of TODAY and co-host of TODAY with Hoda & Jenna.Al Roker, weather and feature anchor for TODAY, co-host of 3rd hour of TODAY.

Why did sheinelle leave weekend today?

Sheinelle Jones, a co-host of the third hour of NBC’s “Today,” says she is leaving the show for six weeks for necessary vocal-cord surgery and recovery. … ‘ ” Following that advice to see an ear, nose and throat doctor, Jones learned that she had a polyp on one vocal cord.

Who replaced Matt Lauer on the Today show?

Hoda KotbKotb has just been named co-anchor of the show, replacing longtime co-anchor Matt Lauer. Hoda Kotb, who has been filling in for Matt Lauer since he was fired in late November for sexual misconduct, has been officially named co-anchor of NBC’s Today show.

Is morning show based on Matt Lauer?

Technically, the answer is no. The Morning Show was announced as Apple’s first scripted series in early November 2017, a couple of weeks before the allegations against Lauer came to light. … “[Mitch is] not Matt Lauer,” showrunner Kerry Ehrin told The Hollywood Reporter’s TV’s Top 5 podcast.