Quick Answer: Who Is Kristen Welker Replacing?

Who is taking over for sheinelle Jones?

Kristen WelkerKristen Welker To Co-Anchor NBC’s ‘Weekend Today’ She will succeed Sheinelle Jones, who announced last month that she will step away from the ….

Who on the Today Show just had a baby?

Dylan DreyerDylan Dreyer gave birth to a beautiful baby boy! The meteorologist and 3rd hour of TODAY co-host and her husband, Brian Fichera, welcomed Oliver George Fichera to the world on Thursday morning.

Is sheinelle Jones sick?

Sheinelle Jones announced on TODAY Thursday that she will be undergoing vocal cord surgery and will be out several weeks to take care of her voice. The 3rd hour of TODAY co-host has a lesion on one of her vocal cords that can make it difficult to talk and causes her voice to sound hoarse.

Why did sheinelle leave weekend today?

‘Today’ co-host Sheinelle Jones to have vocal cord surgery, will be unable to speak for two weeks. Sheinelle Jones, a co-host of the third hour of NBC’s “Today,” says she is leaving the show for six weeks for necessary vocal-cord surgery and recovery.

Does Kristen Welker have children?

Getty Kristen Welker. Kristen Welker, the White House correspondent and co-anchor of Weekend Today for NBC News, has been married to husband John Hughes since 2017. They were set up on a blind date by mutual friends and tied the knot three years later. They do not have children.

Is Shanell on Today Show pregnant?

As far as we know, Sheinelle Jones is not pregnant. And if she is, she has not announced it publicly yet. Unfortunately for Sheinelle, relentless fans likely just assumed she was pregnant after watching her on the morning show.

How old is Kelly Odonnell?

55 years (May 17, 1965)Kelly O’Donnell/Age

Who is replacing sheinelle Jones?

correspondent Kristen WelkerSheinelle’s successor NBC News White House correspondent Kristen Welker will be picking up where Jones left off. Already serving as a fill-in anchor on Weekend Today, the appointment of Welker as a permanent co-host on the show was a perfect segue from Jones’ departure.

Who is Stephanie Rules husband?

Andy HubbardStephanie Ruhle/HusbandStephanie Ruhle and her husband Andy Hubbard with their sons in L.A. in August. Now, as the anchor of two shows on MSNBC and a contributor on the Today show, Ruhle says she’s happier than ever.

What is Katy Tur’s salary?

Katy Tur – $500k.

Which today show host is pregnant?

Dylan DreyerDylan Dreyer reveals she’s expecting baby No. Dylan Dreyer is pregnant with baby No. 2! The TODAY co-anchor, who opened up in April about her struggles with secondary infertility, announced the joyous news on the show this morning: She and husband Brian Fichera are expecting their second child in January.

Who did Kristen Welker marry?

John Hughesm. 2017Kristen Welker/Spouse

How old is Kristen Welker?

44 years (July 1, 1976)Kristen Welker/Age

How old is Shanell on the Today show?

42 years (April 19, 1978)Sheinelle Jones/Age

Who is Katy Tur’s mother?

Zoey TurFatherMarika GerrardMotherKaty Tur/Mothers

What college did Katy Tur attend?

University of California, Santa Barbara2005Katy Tur/College

Who are Katy Tur’s parents?

Zoey TurFatherMarika GerrardMotherKaty Tur/Parents

Who is the new host of Weekend Today?

The weekend editions of Today are anchored by Peter Alexander and Kristen Welker on Saturdays, and by Willie Geist on Sundays. Peter Alexander was named co-host on October 27, 2018. Kristen Welker was named co-host on January 11, 2020.

Who is Stephanie Ruhle’s father?

Her parents are Frank and Louise Ruhle, and she was raised in Park Ridge, New Jersey.

What nationality is Christine Welker?

AmericanKristen Welker/Nationality

How much is Ali Velshi worth?

Ali Velshi earns a humongous amount of salary and has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

What is Stephanie Ruhle net worth?

What is the Net Worth of Stephanie Ruhle? Stephanie Ruhle’s current net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. Ruhle who works as MSNBC anchor and NBC News correspondent gets a handsome amount of salary.

Where is Kristen Welker now?

Kristen Welker (born July 1, 1976) is an American television journalist working for NBC News. She is a White House correspondent based in Washington, D.C., and a co-anchor of Weekend Today, the Saturday edition of Today, alongside Peter Alexander.