Quick Answer: What Were Four Popular Cars In The 60s?

The Greatest Cars of All Time: The Sixties1960 Austin Mini.

1961 Jaguar XK-E.

1963 Chevrolet Corvette Sting Ray.

1964 Pontiac GTO.

1965 Ford Mustang.

1966 Lamborghini Miura.

1968 BMW 2002..

What car did Chevy introduce in 1968?

Chevrolet VegaChevrolet VegaClassSubcompactBody style2-door notchback sedan 2-door hatchback 2-door station wagon 2-door panel deliveryLayoutFR layoutPlatformH platform22 more rows

Ford MustangAlthough not strictly a motor show, the 1964 New York World’s Fair played host to one of the most popular and influential cars ever made: the Ford Mustang.

Muscle Cars of the 50s and 60s1955 Chevy Classic V-8. One of the first legit muscle cars ever, the 1955 Chevy elevated the brand’s position in the American car market. … 1956 Chevy Corvette. … 1958 Packard Hawk. … 1964 Pontiac GTO. … 1967 Shelby Cobra 427 Super Snake. … 1968 Dodge Charger. … 1968 Plymouth Road Runner. … 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 429.

How fast were cars in the 1960s?

The 1960s are known for muscle cars, and this decade saw zero-to-60-mph acceleration times plummet greatly from those of the previous decade. The quickest car from this time period was a full 1.3 seconds better to 60 than the top dog from the bobby-soxer epoch.

What was the fastest production car in the 60s?

Top 5 Fastest Muscle Cars from the 1960’s & 1970’s1964 Pontiac GTO. The 1964 Pontiac GTO had a high level of speed and horsepower for the time and can reach 60 mph in 6.6 seconds. … 1967 Shelby Cobra 427 Super Snake. … 1969 Ford Mustang 428 Cobra Jet. … 1973 De Tomaso Pantera. … 1968 Dodge Charger R/T.

How much did a car cost in 1960?

In 1960 the average new car costs about 2,752 dollars, and a gallon was gas was around 31.

What is the fastest muscle car of all time?

Fastest Classic Muscle Cars Of All Time1963 Shelby Cobra 260ci: 4.5 seconds.1964 Pontiac GTO: 4.6 seconds. … 1967 Chevy Corvette 427ci: 4.7 seconds. … 1968 Dodge Charger 426ci Hemi: 4.8 seconds. … 1969 Plymouth Road Runner 426ci Hemi: 5.1 seconds. … 1965 Mustang 289ci GT-5.2 seconds. … 1966 Plymouth Satellite 426ci Hemi: 5.3 seconds. … 1968 Camaro Z/28: 5.3 seconds. … More items…•

What’s the rarest Chevy car?

1970 Chevy Chevelle SS 454 LS6. For sure, it is not the fastest or most equipped Chevrolet, but it is definitely one of the rarest. … 1971 Pontiac GTO Judge Convertible. The Judge version of the GTO was canceled early on, making this one a rarity almost immediately. … 1969 Chevy Corvette ZL-1. … 1967 Dodge Coronet R/T 426 Hemi.

Were there cars in the 60s?

In 1960, car buyers were demanding smaller vehicles. Compact cars were marketed heavily by every automobile manufacturer, in stark contrast to the 1950s. New models included the Ford Falcon, the Chevrolet Corvair and the Plymouth Valiant. Soon after, Lincoln-Mercury released the Comet and Dodge introduced the Dart.

What cars did Chevy made in the 60’s?

1965 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu SS Hardtop Coupe. Chevelles came in four trim levels for 1965 — the 300, 300 Deluxe, Malibu, and Malibu SS. … 1962 Chevrolet Corvair Monza Station Wagon. … 1966 Corvette Sting Ray 427. … 1960 Chevrolet Corvette Roadster. … 1963 Chevrolet Corvair 95 Rampside Pickup.

What was the most expensive car in the 1950’s?

1956 Continental Mark II Continental Mark II made headlines between 1956 and 1957 as one of the most luxurious vehicles at that time. Selling for a staggering $10,000 as of June 1956, it came as a four-place coupe, luring the wealthiest Americans into buying this Ford Motor Company unit.