Quick Answer: How Tall Is Laura Coates?

How old is Laura on CNN?

40 years (July 11, 1980)Laura Coates/Age.

How old is Laura Coates?

40 years (July 11, 1980)Laura Coates/Age

What is Laura Coates salary?

approximately $84,000Laura’s annual salary is approximately $84,000.

What nationality is Laura Coates?

AmericanLaura Coates/Nationality

What happened to Laura Coates?

Coates now works as a CNN senior legal analyst and has a daily radio show on SiriusXM. As she is not currently a practicing lawyer, she placed herself on inactive status with the Office of Lawyer Registration at the Minnesota Supreme Court.

Where did Laura Coates go to law school?

Princeton School of Public and International AffairsPrinceton UniversityUniversity of Minnesota Law SchoolLaura Coates/Education

When was Laura Coates born?

July 11, 1980 (age 40 years)Laura Coates/Date of birth

Where was Laura Coates born?

Twin Cities, Minnesota, United StatesLaura Coates/Place of birth