Quick Answer: How Do I Delete Shows From Virgin?

Can you watch your recordings on Virgin TV go?

If you’ve got a Virgin TV V6 box you can watch selected recordings on your mobile or tablet around the home (we call that streaming), when you’re connected to your home WiFi and the Virgin TV V6 box.

Alternatively, you can download them at home from the Virgin TV V6 box and watch them on the go..

Can you record from Virgin TV go?

What do I need to use Virgin TV Go? … If you have a Virgin Media TiVo box you can do more than just watch shows on your phone – you can also manage what’s saved on the box and set shows to record while you’re out. You can even use the app as a TV remote when you’re at home.

How do I delete programs from my TiVo box?

Step 1: Go to TiVo Central > Manage recordings & OnePasses > OnePass Manager. Step 2: Highlight the OnePass you want to delete and select “Delete”. Step 3: All previously recorded episodes will remain in My shows until you choose to delete them.

Can you delete multiple recordings on Virgin Media?

Yes you can delete all of your recordings by high lighting the record folder then press the clear button on your remote. This will delete everything in the folder.

Why does my TiVo box record things I don’t want?

It’s Tivo’s way of providing you with shows that you might not otherwise record on your own based on what it learns about your preferences.

Why does TiVo delete recordings?

As suggested, it is probably because your hard drive is running out of free space so the TiVo is about to delete older content to make room for new recordings. You need to watch and delete stuff or there’ll come a point when you’ll no longer be able to record anything else!

How do I clear the cache on my Virgin TiVo box?

To clear the cache on a Tivo, press and hold the reset button until lots of lights flash. It will need doing every 2/3 weeks.

How do I stop recording a series on Virgin?

Go to Help & Settings from the main menu. Choose Recordings, then Suggestions to change your setting to off.

How do I turn off suggested recordings on TiVo?

If you’d prefer not to record TiVo Suggestions automatically, you can turn them off.Press the TiVo button and select menu.Choose settings then user preferences.Select TiVo suggestions and change to off.

How do I get back a deleted show on TiVo?

Using the Recently Deleted Folder or RecordingsFrom TiVo Central > My Shows > All > Recently Deleted Recordings.Highlight the program that you want to recover and press Select.In the Deleted Program screen, select Recover this show.The recovered program will reappear in My Shows.

How do I delete all TiVo suggestions?

Press the TiVo Central button on your remote. Move to the right using the arrows and select User Preferences, then Recording. Select TiVo Suggestions. Highlight “No” to disable TiVo Suggestions, and then press Select.