Quick Answer: How Do I Change My Shaw TV Package?

How much is basic cable with Shaw?

The Skinny: If you’re with Shaw, your skinny basic cable package option is called “Limited TV” and offers a total of 39 channels for $25 per month.

The rental of an HD box is required for an extra $5 a month, meaning the true cost of Shaw’s skinny basic offering is $30 for 39 channels..

What is the cheapest way to watch TV?

8 Ways to Watch TV Without Paying for CableNetflix. Cost: $7.99-$13.99/month depending on how many screens you stream to at one time. … Hulu Plus. Cost: $7.99/month. … Sling TV. Cost: $20/month (Sling Orange, the cheapest version) … Amazon Video. … HBO Now. … CBS All Access. … Playstation Vue. … DirecTV Now.

Is Shaw offering free channels?

Complimentary channels for Shaw cable customers All 65 Stingray music channels. Daystar. GameTV. MeTV KVOS.

What channels do you get with Shaw limited TV?

For $25 a month, Shaw’s Limited TV package offers about two dozen channels (there are 40 total stations, including standard definition and high-definition duplicates), including CBC, CTV, Global, CPAC, The Weather Network and U.S. networks such as CBS and ABC.

How much does it cost to cancel Shaw?

If you cancel or suspend your Shaw services or you change your subscription for Shaw services below the minimum service level, you will be immediately charged an early cancellation fee calculated based on: (i) $20 per month plus applicable taxes for every month (or partial month) remaining under the term of this …

Can you add one channel Shaw?

Visit https://www.shaw.ca/tv/programming/channels/pick-and-pay. To know the price of a channel, click on Download channel pricing. To order an individual channel click on Add channels. Fill out the Order form and list down the channels you want under Additional information.

How can I lower my Shaw bill?

You’ll want to do two things to help you get a better deal.Go through your TV package, see what your household actually watches. Make a list of that. … Check out the new customer promos on competitors in the area. See what Telus will give you, and make sure that the TV actually includes what you want.

How much does it cost to add a channel on Shaw?

From sports to classic movies, add individual channels starting at $4/mo1 to your TV plan.

Can you buy individual TV channels?

Licensed TV service providers have to offer both pick-and-pay and small packages of up to 10 channels. Once you have selected your basic package, then you can choose your other services.

What channels do you get with Shaw basic cable?

As you can see below the Shaw Limited TV package costs $25 per month and includes 40 channels (HD equipment not included). Here we see Canadian channels such as CBC, City, CTV, Global, while American channels include the likes of ABC, CBS, ABC and NBC.

How much does Shaw Direct cost?

Get Installation fees apply to additional hardware and range from $49.99 to $99.99. A monthly Multi-Receiver Fee (MRF) of $5.99 may apply for customers with two or more receivers. 5 The regular price of $ 59 per month for the Medium Package will apply after the six (6) month promotion period at $39.99 per month.

How do I add channels to my Shaw TV?

Shaw Customers with an Existing TV PlanVisit the Shaw.ca Pick and Pay Channel page.To check how much a channel costs, click on Download channel pricing.To order, click on Add channels.You will be taken to an Order form page, fill it out with your information.List the channels you want under Additional information.More items…

Is Netflix free with Shaw?

An unlimited online movie streaming service similar to Netflix has been launched by internet and cable provider Shaw Communications. … Netflix offers unlimited streaming of movies and TV episodes — including high-definition video, something that Shaw does not yet offer — for $7.99 a month.

Can I change my Shaw channels online?

You can change your theme packs and channels by logging into My Shaw and clicking TV from the My Services option at the top. Under Current monthly service click Shop TV programming or Shop Premium Channels. Change your TV plan by selecting the Change TV Plan option.