Quick Answer: How Can I Get Better Score In Ielts?

How can I get highest score in ielts?

Tips to Achieve a High Score in IELTSListen to the audio instructions before each section carefully.

Read the instructions in the test booklet carefully for the number of words you need to write on the answer sheet.

Read the questions before listening.

Underline the key words in the question.More items…•.

How can I easily clear ielts exam?

How to Clear an IELTS Exam ?Read as Much as You Can. Reading different types of text is the most effective way to improve your English skills and will help you clear Reading section of IELTS exam. … Practice Writing Daily. … Improve Your Grammar. … Increase Your Vocabulary. … Practice Previous Years Question Papers.

Is it easy to get good score in ielts?

IELTS is a language test and your band score is based on your level of English. This means if you want a higher score, you need to improve your English. … If your English is not strong enough, you won’t get a high score in IELTS. You can gain awareness of your own level of English in many ways.

Is 8777 ielts easy to score?

Tips to get 8777 Bands in your IELTS – Initiate the preparation process early and be consistent in it. Be sure that you monitor your progress regularly. Get acquainted with English grammar skills thoroughly. Concentrate on all the four aspects of English-listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Has anyone got 9 ielts?

Most of the test takers want to know how they can get a band score 9 in their IELTS. It is true that it is very difficult to get a band score of 9 in IELTS but it is possible. You do not have to take the IELTS again and again.

Is 7.5 a good score for ielts?

Considering the fact that IELTS is an exam which tests your english skills, the score 7.5 on 9 is a pretty decent one. As mentioned in the previous answers it all depends on the purpose for which you had given the examination. If it is for higher studies, most of the universities do very well accept this score.