Question: Why Do My Recordings On Sky Q Keep Disappearing?

What does lock mean on Sky Q recordings?

‎23/03/2020 07:04 PM.

Locked programmes are due to either manually locking an individual programme or locking a series link so that subsequent recordings of that series also get locked, there is no method for sky to do this automatically..

How do I pause sky Q and pick up in another?

Pause and pick up on another device – Fluid Viewing as it should have been. On one device press pause on a live or recorded programme. On another device go to menu item: Pick up where you left off…

How long do recordings stay on Sky Q?

How do you know when a Sky Q recording will expire? If there’s no visible expiry/deletion date on the screen, you’ll have at least 31 days’ grace to cram in your viewing. Sky Q should notify you on-screen when you’re down to 30 days or less.

Can Sky delete recordings?

You can then Delete all Viewed episodes or Delete all. Access your recordings by pressing the sky button on your Sky Q remote. Then, select Sort by, find the series you want to delete and select Delete all.

Do recordings expire on Sky?

When you find out that a show you’re still watching from Box Sets or Catch Up is about to expire, you can download the remaining episodes to your box. … So if you don’t see an expiration date in Recordings for your downloads to Q, then you have at least 31 days to go.

How long do downloads last on Sky?

30 daysOnce you’ve downloaded a piece of content to your device you have 30 days to watch it before it expires. Once you’ve started viewing a piece of content you have 48 hours to watch it.

Why are my sky recordings failing?

Re: Scheduled recordings failing If so, it may be a hardware fault, and your box needs replacing. There’s a couple more things you can try first – firstly a software update, and secondly a full system reset. To do a software update switch your box off at the plug and wait a few minutes.

After setting the Series Link, check the new Series Link works OK. try series linking the original programme. If it still doesn’t work, the issue is likely to be caused by the show not carrying a Series Link for the episode. then go to the Sky Status Page and report a new issue.

To take the series link off, simply highlight the programme in your TV Guide and press Record, or remove it from the Scheduled tab of the Recordings section.

How do I get back a deleted recording?

recover deleted audio call recordings top features Tap on scan button to scan audio recording files from your android devices. The recovery software will scan and restore all audio files on the mobile phone. Tap the files and press the restore button and deleted audio file will be restored into your mobile.

Does Sky planner rebuild delete recordings?

Please Note: rebuilding the planner will stop recordings currently in progress but saved programmes will not be deleted.

How do you keep recordings on Sky Q?

Press SKY button, DOWN to Manage, RIGHT to Disk Space, RIGHT to the list of recordings, navigate to the series, SELECT to get the list of episodes, and use the LOCK or KEEP option.

There are a number of reasons why a series link might stop working: A change in the schedule of a series. A system failure. … The series may be on a hiatus.

What does the Keep button do on Sky?

The ‘Keep’ button can be found on the Sky+ and Sky+ HD Planner and related to recording s that you’ve made on your Sky+ box. A Sky+ box only has a limited amount of hard drive space, and when the box gets nearly full, it has to start making decisions.