Question: What’S The Difference Between WD Red And Blue?

Is WD Black faster than blue?

Western Digital’s designated Black series is comprised of the performance oriented consumer drives.

WD Blacks are aimed at high capacity with the fastest possible throughput.

Previously, a WD Blue or Green drive could prove to be a bit faster sequentially than a WD Black, primarily due to platter density..

What is a WD Blue drive?

PC Storage Designed Specifically for Desktops, Laptops, and All-In-One PCs. … Handling all that media is a snap with WD Blue PC Hard Drives. Available in capacities up to 6TB, with a wide range offered in 2.5” and 3.5” form-factors.

What is difference between WD HDD blue black green purple red & gold?

Currently, Western Digital has Blue HDDs, Green HDDs, Black HDDs, Red HDDs, Purple HDDs and Gold HDDs. Each color is indicative of what the HDD is used for. … WD Green is basically the same as WD Blue, but it has a bit of a lower performance. However, it is the most eco-friendly HDD, and it’s quite cheap.

Is WD Blue Good for Nas?

Blue and Green are both equally bad for NAS. The Buffalo Terastation TS-1.0TGL/R5 only accept 500GB disks as max disk capacity x bay. There is no 500GB WD red available. They start in 1TB.

Can I use WD Red in desktop?

Yes, you can use the WD Red drive for desktop storage but we recommend to use the WD Red drive in NAS enclosure.

Which WD HDD is best?

WD My Passport (5TB) Its combination of solid performance, hardware encryption, and useful utilities makes the 5TB WD My Passport a strong contender for everyday backup of sensitive data or storing a massive collection of videos, photos, and documents.

Is WD gold better than WD Black?

Specifically designed for use in enterprise-class storage systems and data centers, the WD Gold Enterprise Class SATA HDD delivers the world-class performance you expect from Western Digital® hard drives. WD Black hard drives are designed for desktop PC power users who demand performance.

Is WD Blue good for gaming?

WD Blue’s primary advantages are: Higher speeds – 7200RPM makes it ideal for primary drive and gaming use. Highest density – best cost-to-performance ratio and speed, even over WD Black.

Which is better WD green or blue?

With a lifespan rated 75% higher than the Green series, it is hard to argue against spending a little more for the better quality. As evident in the table above, the WD Blue Drive is of a better quality and will have a lower failure rate than the Green drive.

Is WD better than Seagate?

The read-write speed of Western Digital HDDs is a little slower compared with Seagate, but it is more suitable for storage due to its good stability and durability. In conclusion, Seagate hard disk drives are generally fast, fluent in reading and writing, and generally light.

Is WD purple good for gaming?

I wouldn’t use a WD purple, they are intended for recording surveillance video. Get a blue or a black for gaming. … That’s because the firmware features of WD Purple (such as error correction for instance) are modified in a way to accept larger number of errors in the name of the goal for consistent speeds.

Is WD red better than blue?

– For a very basic system where high performance is not a huge concern, we usually will recommend using a WD Red drive. If you are on a tight budget a WD Blue or WD Green drive would work as well, but we really like the WD Red drive line.

What is the difference between WD colors?

WD Blue and Green are used for the general purposes of storage, with Blue being slightly more reliable and Green being more eco-friendly. WD Black is for pure performance in media, gaming, and content creation. WD Red is for network-assisted storage. It is designed for (and only compatible with) NAS systems.

What do the colors mean for WD hard drives?

The variations are depicted by colors including Red color describes Hard disk drives used in Servers. Blue hard drives are for Desktop computers i.e. for normal computing. Black hard drives are on the faster side – they are used by enthusiasts and so on… Check out what are the pros and cons of WD HDD colors.

Is WD purple good for PC?

One is, it’s perfectly fine to use in a desktop PC environment and the other is, you could use it but because of the nature of the drive itself, there could be potentially data corruption, which of course scares the heck out of someone who wants to use the WD Purple to store data.