Question: What Are TiVo Suggestions?

What does thumbs up mean on Virgin remote?

Use your Thumbs While you’re watching TV, or scrolling through the TV listings, you can rate any show with the ‘Thumbs Up’ or ‘Thumbs Down’ buttons on your remote.

Your TiVo service then remembers what you like and what you don’t, so it can suggest new things you’re more likely to love..

Does TiVo replace cable box?

The Bolt and the new Bolt+ are TiVo’s latest models that are designed to replace your cable box/DVR and your streaming box (Apple TV, Roku). … I can’t use a TiVo box with my U-Verse service, but cable and FiOS customers can use a Bolt or Bolt+ instead of their cable box by installing a cable card.

How do I get rid of TiVo suggestions?

If you’d prefer not to record TiVo Suggestions automatically, you can turn them off.Press the TiVo button and select menu.Choose settings then user preferences.Select TiVo suggestions and change to off.

Why is my TiVo not recording suggestions?

Suggestions will not record if your DVR is always busy recording programs you have requested. To see what your DVR is scheduled to record: TiVo with HD menus: Go to TiVo Central > Manage recordings & downloads > To Do List. TiVo with SD menus: Go to TiVo Central > Find Programs > To Do List.

What is create a OnePass on TiVo?

OnePass, which replaces Season Pass® recordings, gathers every episode of a series and adds them all right to your My Shows list. If an episode isn’t available to record, OnePass shows you episodes available to watch instantly from On Demand, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more.

Is TiVo still a thing?

Tivo, which still exists, just got bought for $1.1 billion. But for a time, digital video recording company TiVo reigned. SEE ALSO: TiVo introduces Bolt, a sleek DVR that skips commercials completely.

How do I stop my TiVo box from recording?

To cancel a recording, just move to a show title in the To Do List and press CLEAR – the bottom-most button on the left side of the remote. To get to the History screen, press the TiVo button to go to the TiVo Central screen. Move to ‘Manage Recordings & OnePass’ and press SELECT.

Why does TiVo recording random shows?

It’s probably recording ‘Suggestions’ – you can turn this feature off in the Settings Menu: Go to Help & Settings from the main menu. Choose Recordings, then Suggestions to change your setting to off.

How do I delete shows from virgin?

To deletePress the Recordings button on the bottom right of your remote.Select the show in your library and press OK.Select the episode you want to delete, and press OK.You will be asked if you’d like to delete just this episode or all episodes you have saved, select the option you’d like and press OK.

How do I record a series on Virgin?

To set a Series Link+ simply press the Guide button on your Virgin TV remote, highlight the show you want, hit Record, and select Get a Series Link+ when the option appears.

Is TiVo outdated?

It looks like Tivo has now completely ditched the old Roamio models and are now switching everything over to the faster, sexier Bolt model. … TiVo, who has been known for its devices that can record and stream television for over ten years, was acquired by the Rovi Corporation in 2016 in a $1.1 billion deal.

Does anyone use TiVo anymore?

Yes, 10 million people are still using TiVos. The companies anticipate at least $100 million in annual cost savings.

What’s the difference between TiVo and DVR?

While both have TiVo and the traditional DVR have the option to select from a variety of movies, only TiVo lets users hook up to their Netflix and Hulu Plus accounts to watch any of these shows on demand. … With the TiVo, users can access all of these music programs and stream the music to their TiVo.

What does a TiVo subscription give you?

You pay a subscription fee to TiVo for the use of the TiVo service that provides the guide data to the box for TV listings for the upcoming 2 weeks as well as for software updates to the box which usually includes new features, fixes for problems and updates to apps such as Netflix.

What do the thumbs up and down mean on TiVo?

You can use the Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down buttons on your remote control to rate programs. … When you give a program up to 3 thumbs up or down, your TiVo device remembers program details such as the category (i.e. science fiction, drama, or comedy), actors, directors, writers, episodes, and so forth.

What does TiVo do?

TiVo is a type of digital video recorder (DVR), using computer technology to save and record shows like a VCR. It has a number of other features that render it superior to a standard VCR, however, which is part of what makes it so revolutionary. TiVos are produced by TiVo, Inc.

Is TiVo any good?

The best thing about TiVo has always been its fundamentals. No other DVR gives you as much control over which programs to record and how to record them, and no other DVR makes live TV viewing so convenient.

Can you delete multiple recordings on Virgin Media?

Yes you can delete all of your recordings by high lighting the record folder then press the clear button on your remote. This will delete everything in the folder.