Question: How Do I Watch My Recordings On TiVo?

How do I watch a recorded show on TiVo?

All of your recordings, streaming videos, and downloaded or transferred shows appear in the My Shows list.

To get to the My Shows list from any menu screen or from live TV, just press the TiVo button – at the top of your remote control – twice.

(Press it only once if you’re already on the TiVo Central screen.).

How many shows can TiVo record at once?

How many shows can I record at once? You can record four shows at the same time on a TiVo Premiere Q (Multi-Room TiVo) and two shows on a TiVo Premiere. With the TiVo T6 you can record up to six shows at once.

How do I access TiVo Central?

To access TiVo Central, press the TiVo button on the TiVo remote control.

Why does TiVo delete recordings?

As suggested, it is probably because your hard drive is running out of free space so the TiVo is about to delete older content to make room for new recordings. You need to watch and delete stuff or there’ll come a point when you’ll no longer be able to record anything else!

Why does my TiVo box recording random shows?

It’s probably recording ‘Suggestions’ – you can turn this feature off in the Settings Menu: Go to Help & Settings from the main menu. Choose Recordings, then Suggestions to change your setting to off.

How do I retrieve deleted Virgin Media recordings?

It’s easy to recover those deleted shows. Press My Shows on your Virgin TV remote, select Recently Deleted, choose the name of the programme you want to undelete, and select Recover this Show.

How do I retrieve deleted emails on Virgin Media?

Recover messages in Virgin Media Mail Open the Trash folder in the folder list. Select the message you want to restore. You can select more than one message by clicking on the checkboxes next to messages you want to restore. Click the More icon in the toolbar and then select Move from the menu.

Can I watch RCN on my IPAD?

Get RCN Now Supported operating systems and devices: Android 2.3 and higher, iOS® 7 and higher, Windows® 7 and higher, Mac OS® 10.7 and higher and Chrome OS (version 38 or higher).

How do I stop recording on TiVo?

Re: Tivo box is deleting / losing recordings To stop this happening, you can go onto the recording and select ‘keep until’ and you can select how long this is stored for.

Can you run two TVs off one box?

Virgin Multiroom : A Different Experience Now you don’t have to fight over the remote with Virgin Multi-Room! Using additional boxes, you can get the same channels on all TVs in your home. … Using these extra boxes, you can have the same channels that are part of your Virgin TV subscription.

Can I watch recordings on my old TiVo box?

You can even watch your old recordings through your new box. You’ll have to connect the old TiVo box to your router directly via Ethernet cable to do so, but it means you won’t lose any of those precious episodes of Planet Earth you’ve been hoarding.

How do I watch my recorded shows on RCN?

Press the LIVE TV button on your RCN TiVo remote to watch live TV. Press LIVE TV again to switch tuners. My Shows: All your recorded or downloaded programs. My Shows is the first menu item on the TiVo Central screen.

How do I retrieve deleted recordings on TiVo?

Using the Recently Deleted Folder or RecordingsFrom TiVo Central > My Shows > All > Recently Deleted Recordings.Highlight the program that you want to recover and press Select.In the Deleted Program screen, select Recover this show.The recovered program will reappear in My Shows.

Can I watch my TiVo recordings away from home?

Out-of-home streaming lets you stream content from your compatible TiVo device at home to your iOS or Android device anywhere in the world! Finally, you can watch what you want—where you want to. See Copy Protection: FAQ for details.

Can you watch your recordings on Virgin TV Anywhere?

Manage your recordings from anywhere in the world. What can I do? What do I need to know? *Virgin TV Control is compatible with iOS 9 and above, Android 4.1 and above and Fire OS 3.2.

Can TiVo recordings be downloaded?

Yes, you can download recordings to your mobile device in your home so that you can take them with you.

Can I transfer shows from my TiVo to my computer?

You can select multiple shows for transfer to the PC. Simply click the checkbox next to each show you wish to move. Once you have selected all of the shows you want to transfer to the PC click Start Transfer. The TiVo Desktop software will now start moving the selected programming to your PC.

How do I stop TiVo box recording suggestions?

If you’d prefer not to record TiVo Suggestions automatically, you can turn them off.Press the TiVo button and select menu.Choose settings then user preferences.Select TiVo suggestions and change to off.

How do I set up my RCN cable box?

Turn on the television with the TV remote. Press the “Input” or “Source” button. Depending on which cable you installed in Step 2, select the HDMI or Component video source on your TV. Connect one end of the HDMI cable into the HDMI connection on the back of the converter box.

Can I transfer recordings from my TiVo box to v6?

Transferring recordings from your old TiVo to your new V6 There’s been some confusion over this but, in a nutshell, you can’t, so if you’re swapping a TiVo packed with recordings for a shiny new V6 you will lose them when you hand over the box.

Can I use TiVo without a subscription?

Though TiVo digital video recorders require subscriptions for full functionality, TiVos can be used without a subscription. Without a subscription TiVos won’t be able to access updates to its program guides. This keeps users from scheduling recordings. … Power on the TiVo unit.