Question: How Do I Save A Recorded Programme On Sky?

Can you watch recorded sky Programmes without dish?

Re: no signal need to watch recorded programs Your box needs a signal from the dish for you to be able to watch your recordings, so on the meantime for live TV and Catchup services you could use the Sky Go app..

Can I transfer recorded TV programs to USB?

Some TV sets allow users to record TV programmes directly to a USB hard drive, without using a VCR or DVR (digital video recorder). This involves plugging a USB memory stick or external hard drive into the correct USB port. … There’s a good chance that your TV can record programmes, but it’s not guaranteed.

Why do my recordings on Sky q keep disappearing?

Recordings made off sir do not get deleted. If the disc is full the box will delete watched recordings for new content if there is no other space available but it takes the oldest first so its also possibly why you lost a partially watched recording but unlikely.

What does keep mean on Sky Q recordings?

You’ll find KEEP on the super-secret hidden menu that magically appears if you move the focus RIGHT on the screen on the earliest recorded episode. There is no longer the option to KEEP on later episodes that are recorded. Why Sky have hidden and removed options like KEEP, LOCK, etc is a mystery.

What happens to my recordings when I cancel sky?

If you cancel your Sky subscription then you can keep the box as you own a Sky+ box and it will continue to receive the free channels but you will be unable to record them or watch any recordings back you might have made.

Can you transfer recordings from Sky Q?

There is no way of transferring recordings from one SKYQ box to another!

How do I restart a Programme on Sky?

To use Restart, your Sky box will need to be connected to the internet. Not all channels/programmes are able to use this feature. To remove Restart just press the go back button.

Can you watch a Programme while recording it?

Digital video recorders are well-equipped to record one show while you watch another, and you can watch a program as the DVR records it if you so choose. You don’t have to wait for the recording to finish before you start watching it.

Why can’t I see my recordings on Sky Go?

If the Recordings isn’t showing at the bottom of the main screen then it is because the app has not connected to your Sky Q box. So try rebooting your Q box and at the same time turn your iPad off and only turn it back on again after your Q box has finished loading up.

Why can’t I watch my recordings on Sky Go?

Re: I can’t get my recorded programmes on my skygo app anymore? Both your Sky Go app and your Sky Q box need to be on the same wifi network so if they are try a reboot of your Q box and at the same time the device the Sky Go app is on.

What is the USB for on Sky Q?

The USB port is designed to support an external modem only (which we have not implemented) and cannot be used to transfer data from the hard drive.

How do I stop a recorded Programme on Sky Q?

hI @quaffa When you are playing a recording, to stop and come out of it press the back button on the remote, then you will be able to delete the recording, from the menu on the right of the recording window.

Can I watch recorded Programmes on my old skybox?

When you want to watch a recording on your Sky+HD box remove card from Sky Q box located on the side of your Sky Q box. … Return your card to Sky Q box and do the same and pair your viewing card back to your Sky Q box. You now have access to all your Sky Q recordings.

Can I watch my sky recordings on my laptop?

It will be available on iOS, Android, Amazon Fire devices and Amazon app store as well as on PC and Mac. Customers will be able to update their existing app, or download the new version from the Google Play, Apple and Amazon app stores for free.

Will I lose my sky recordings when I move?

Re: Moving house and keep recordings on my sky Q box Yes. They’re stored on the box.

How do I watch movies on Sky Q?

Downloading on Sky QPress Home on your Sky Q remote and download from: Catch Up TV, Sky Cinema, Sky Box Sets, Home, Sports, Kids or Music.Within these menus, you can browse the categories to help you find a show.Select the movie or show to add it to your download queue. When it’s ready to watch, we’ll let you know.

What can I do with old Sky HD box?

Your old Sky box will still work as a Freesat from Sky box to receive free channels on it, but you won’t be able to pause, record or watch any old recordings on the box anymore. Alternately you can give it to friends or family who want a Freesat box, or sell it on eBay (don’t expect to get much for it).

Can I save Sky+ recordings to USB?

Standard Member. Exporting of recordings as data files from your Sky+ box is not supported. The USB sockets on Sky boxes are non-functional and you can’t copy off recorded programmes from Sky+ onto a USB stick, or stream off content as data to a PC.

How do you search for a Programme on Sky Q?

Press Search on your Sky Q remote and enter what you’re looking for. You can use either the ribbon or the number keys to type in letters. Use the ribbon to scroll through letters or use the number keys on your Sky Q remote to type in the letters.

How do I watch a recorded Programme on Sky?

You can find your recordings by pressing Sky on your remote, or by pressing Home then scrolling to Recordings. Simply select the programme you want to watch, and it’ll start playing.

Can I watch a sky Programme from the start?

If a show or movie started more than five minutes ago, you’ll see an on screen message giving you the option to download and watch from the start. Click the touchpad on your Sky Q touch remote (or press Select on your Sky Q remote) to start downloading. Once it’s ready, select it to watch from the beginning.