Question: How Do I Cancel My Shaw Academy Free Trial?

How do I get a refund from Shaw Academy?

Please contact us at: from your registered email address with the following details to assist you as soon as possible: A screenshot of the receipt and bank statement….For payment made through a Credit Card, please share:the last 4 digits on the card.the amount paid.the date of payment..

How do I remove my credit card from Shaw Academy?

Once you log in, go to Profile section and then, click on “Membership & Payment ->”Manage Payment”. Then, click on “Payment Methods”-> Edit Payment Method.

Is Shaw Academy really free?

I am going to ensure you benefit as much as the many millions of highly satisfied Shaw Academy students right now. I have gone and done this on your account now and you have 6 months access totally free of charge meaning you can complete the course you initially joined for and any others you wish.

How do I cancel my skillshare free trial?

Log in to your account settings for your Skillshare account. Select Payments from the left navigation menu. Click Cancel Membership. Follow through the cancellation steps.

How much is Shaw Academy Monthly?

For the first time in its history, Shaw Academy is offering lifetime access to all the courses for just $99. It’s usually around $60 per month, so this represents a huge saving opportunity, and a chance to litter your resume with real qualifications.

Is Shaw Academy a safe site?

Shaw academy are con artists plain and simple. Do not trust them as they’ll take unauthorised payments out of your account on the false pretense of a “free” trial or winning a “free” subscription. I’m disgusted that you make your money this way, especially during a time like this.