How Do I Stop TiVo Box Recording Suggestions?

How do I turn off the narrator on my TiVo box?

When the Screen Reader is turned on, a voice reads aloud the TiVo menu choices displayed on the TV screen.

To turn the screen reader on or off, press and hold the A button on your TiVo remote for at least two seconds.

You’ll hear a voice say “Screen reader on” or “Screen reader off.”.

What are TiVo suggestions?

TiVo Suggestions are personalized shows selected to match your preferences. As you watch shows and other content on TiVo Experience 4, your TiVo device uses the information to automatically record shows that may be of interest to you.

What do the thumbs up and down mean on TiVo?

You can use the Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down buttons on your remote control to rate programs. … When you give a program up to 3 thumbs up or down, your TiVo device remembers program details such as the category (i.e. science fiction, drama, or comedy), actors, directors, writers, episodes, and so forth.

How do I delete shows from virgin?

To deletePress the Recordings button on the bottom right of your remote.Select the show in your library and press OK.Select the episode you want to delete, and press OK.You will be asked if you’d like to delete just this episode or all episodes you have saved, select the option you’d like and press OK.

How do I record a series on Virgin?

To set a Series Link+ simply press the Guide button on your Virgin TV remote, highlight the show you want, hit Record, and select Get a Series Link+ when the option appears.

How do I stop TiVo from recording suggestions?

How do I turn TiVo Suggestions on or off?Press the TiVo Central button on your remote.Select “Settings & Messages”Move to the right using the arrows and select User Preferences, then Recording.Select TiVo Suggestions.Highlight “No” to disable TiVo Suggestions, and then press Select.

How do I stop suggestions on Virgin Media?

Go to Help & Settings from the main menu. Choose Recordings, then Suggestions to change your setting to off.

Why does my TiVo box record things I don’t want?

It’s Tivo’s way of providing you with shows that you might not otherwise record on your own based on what it learns about your preferences.

What does TiVo do?

TiVo is a type of digital video recorder (DVR), using computer technology to save and record shows like a VCR. It has a number of other features that render it superior to a standard VCR, however, which is part of what makes it so revolutionary. TiVos are produced by TiVo, Inc.

What is create a OnePass on TiVo?

OnePass, which replaces Season Pass® recordings, gathers every episode of a series and adds them all right to your My Shows list. If an episode isn’t available to record, OnePass shows you episodes available to watch instantly from On Demand, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and more.

How do you turn TiVo off?

Locate the “TV Power” button on your TiVo standard remote, which is located just below and to the left of the black TiVo button at the top of the remote. Press the button to turn off your television set.